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Johnny Icely, DMD  |  Mark A. Larsen, DMD |  Eric J. Pearce, DMD



Invisalign is an amazing way to correct your smile through non-invasive, clear aligner therapy. A series of trays are used to carefully move the teeth to their proper position. This method is easy to manage and more hygienic then conventional braces.

Invisalign is a painless and efficient way to correct crooked teeth, crowding, gaps, and properly restore the bite. These conditions can have severe consequences for your teeth and jaws. Over time the teeth may wear down, break, and be more prone to tooth decay. The bone around the teeth may decrease and the teeth may become more exposed and potentially become loose. Hygiene may be more difficult and plaque and tartar will accumulate leading to gum disease.

Having straight teeth is not just about a prettier smile. The proper alignment of the upper lower teeth can have long lasting benefits for your oral health.

We are pleased to offer no cost consultations for this therapy.