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Anxiolysis means to reduce anxiety. Dental work can often may people feel anxious and avoid getting the necessary dental care. We understand this concern for some people.

We offer Nitrous Oxide to help. A small cone is placed over the nose for the patient to inhale oxygen and an appropriate amount of the nitrous oxide. This method is very safe and the effects will wear off quickly. This works really well with children and sometimes the dentist will not need to use anesthetics (“a shot”) to complete treatment. For adults this can often help relieve stress and help patients feel more relaxed.

In some cases the dentist may prescribe a medicine that is taken just before the dental procedure. This can really help patients relax and often may put them to sleep. To consider this option the dentist will need to thoroughly review the health of the patient. Patients will need to have a personal escort to bring them to the office and take them home.

For more severe anxiety cases, a dental anesthesiologist can be involved and provide IV sedation. You will be able to breathe, understand and communicate with the dentist.

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