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Periodontal (gum) disease

Periodontal Gum Disease

This is an infection of the gum tissue and bone that supports our teeth. It starts out as an opaque film of bacteria on our teeth called plaque. As it accumulates it begins to harden and form a hard substance called tartar. This chronic bacterial problem causes inflammation in the gum tissue which leads to gum disease, or Gingivitis. This develops into Periodontitis, the inflammation and destruction of the bone around our teeth.

This condition is often “silent” as it may not cause pain or discomfort. The early warning signs of this condition may be bad breath, bleeding gums, and sometimes pain. This condition cannot be cured, only arrested. Once the bone has been damaged it will not regenerate. This could lead to eventual tooth loss.

Scientific research has linked periodontal disease to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and weaken the immune system. It can also lead to risks for pregnant women.

The good news is that treatment can often be conservative and not require surgery.

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